My truth. My life.

Im done


To whom it may concern,

Why do I bother?

Everything I do is wrong.

I bend over backwards trying to help everyone

that I possibly can.

I feel as though when I can finally

see the light at the top of the spiral

staircase, I tumble back down to the bottom.

I am so tired.

I am over ungrateful people.

Is is worth it?

Sometimes I think that I should just give in

and treat others as they treat me.

No more.

I’m done.

I believe that some people aren’t happy unless

they are hurting others.


Broken hearted me


This is done for Friday Fictioneers


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31 thoughts on “Im done

  1. A case of onward and upward, climb the staircase of life, forgetting those in your past that are ungrateful.

  2. If you treated others as shabbily as they treat you, do you think it would make you feel better or worse? I’m betting worse. Be true to who you are. It is always better in the end that way…good luck!

  3. What a coincidence, visited this place just today!

  4. Ahh Stroy of my life. I love it Deana!

  5. This is true but as we good people know we kill with kindness. Impressive as always.

  6. Your words, they have power.

  7. Very sad. You really pull them along. Nicely written.

  8. This is a beautiful, sad piece.
    We’re studying the book of Hosea this month, in the Bible, and I’ve just learned that Gomer’s name literally meant “I’m done.” Hosea means “salvation.” And in his salvation, she was able to claim the name as “complete,” instead of “finished.” Such a beautiful little redemption story. Your poem reminded me we all need that restoration sometimes. Powerful words.

  9. welcometograndcentral on said:

    I’ve been exactly there. You can do it.

  10. Aka Teraka on said:

    Never give up on Goodness – just like the Father never does…

  11. Oh – how that has crossed my mind at times. But- then I think – why be miserable like them. But – if I’m in a mood…well – that just being human. Right?

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