My truth. My life.

Your walls will crumble


It is time for you to take responsibility for your iniquities.

I will no longer be the victim of your actions.

You will answer for your foolish choices.

Your stone-built fortress must fall.


This is done for Trifecta

The word lithium comes from the Greek word lithos, which means
stone  (
This weekend, we want you to give us a thirty-three response using the word
stone as one of your thirty-three words.  You can use any
definition of the word
that you’d like, but we are specifically looking for
serious, well-conceived entries.  This isn’t the weekend for light-hearted posts
about the difficulty of posting before the linkz close, and we are not looking
for hilarious commentary about your cats (THIS time).  We want something serious
and deep from you guys this weekend, because the sun is starting to shine a bit
more, and we think we can handle it now.  Take your time with it and give us
your very best work.


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72 thoughts on “Your walls will crumble

  1. Holy cow, this is AMAZING! So well done. Forceful. Yet eloquent. Perfect combination.

  2. Lance on said:

    eloquent is perfect word for this. You also used your frustration release to show how strong you are.

  3. Love the word ‘iniquities’ in this!

  4. Wow this is truly amazing 😀

  5. At some point we can’t keep suffering over someone else’s decisions. This was full of truth.

  6. I think that *you* are the rock, here. There’s a lot of strength in your words.

  7. Love the strength portrayed here and the word iniquities. Like the tension surrounding choices too.

  8. This is so amazing and powerful! 🙂

  9. I would hate to be on the receiving end of this one. So passionate. Beautifully done!

  10. “I will no longer be the victim of your actions.”

    I love the strong voice of this piece! Really well done!!

  11. I agree – iniquities is a great word – tells the story well. A tale of empowerment – I like it!

  12. This is so strong and passionate. Lovely writing! Great use of the prompt!

  13. Hmm…not much I can say that hasn’t already been said! I also like iniquities and the tone of this. What a nice way to put your foot down and insist on change.

  14. welcometograndcentral on said:

    You totally nailed answering the prompt. I admire your writing talent.

  15. Damn, that could have been written by Paul Weller! Great job!

  16. Nicely done! Who said it is not as good as mine?!!!! 😉

  17. In the bible it was a trumpet that brought the stone walls tumbling down. In modern times it is the strumpet. The effects are the same. The music was probably better back then… it has a good dance, and you can beat people to it. The visuals are better in modern times, and we have a record of the festivities that you can upload. What do you do with the old mortar?

  18. A great take on the prompt.
    Comes across as a voice that has suddenly found the strength to fight back.

  19. Beautiful! I really love the way you write! It’s very good and touches the heart…. and it is “kicking” yourself to think about certain things/patterns in life.

  20. Great job. I like the tone of your pieces. Angry but strong.

  21. I love the stance here. No longer sitting back and accepting. But, now taking it to the fortress.

  22. Forceful & dynamic!Love this Deana:-)I think you should take up writing poetry & get yourself published-seriously,you write potent stuff!

  23. Oh wow! I love the message! And the picture! And how cool is that about the literal shape of the poem! and in 33 words. So cool!!

  24. Puttin’ your foot down! Well done on this write, Deana.

  25. Never underestimate the strength of the female mind…. the pic at the precipice of the waterfall – well chosen for the words Bo.

  26. Eric Misener on said:

    I don’t want to read too much into this, but as one who has worked with domestic violence victims, I wish more of them came to this conclusion. Well done.

  27. Ruby Manchanda on said:


  28. very powerful 33 words 🙂

  29. There’s a lot of firepower behind this piece. Those stone walls will fall!

  30. Love the take-no-prisoners attitude! Powerful poem (and reflection of photo is gorgeous).

    Bit of crit: Its should be it’s; and stone built needs a hyphen (stone-built fortress). [If you make the beginning “It is” rather than “it’s”, that will save your word count, too.]

  31. I love the imagery here. Great job!

  32. Oooh, drama!! A very strong voice in so few words. Good job.

  33. Such strong words. I love the image of a stone fortress.

  34. Love the strength here!

  35. Thanks for reading my St Patricks Day Stuff-beebee

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