My truth. My life.


I remember everything

The first time you looked at me I felt an incredible rush of comfort and excitement both pulsating into a rushing feeling of meant to be.

It started with a single brush, hand against hand.

This was as new for you as it was for me. Terrifying trumped by electricity.

A laugh between forever friends grew to a charge of urge undeniable.

My mind raced between kissing you and running away.

A choice that would forever change me.


I remember everything.

I reached over and gently touched your hand and you didn’t pull away.

That was the day my heart became yours.

Our first kiss drained me of my composure as you grinned and kissed me again.

I wanted so much to feel your hands glide down my body and caress every inch of me.

And they did.

My eyes yearned to see all of you as you kissed all of me.

My thighs ached to be wrapped around you as you pressed yourself against me with every hungry muscle in your body.

With our bodies entangled we made love over and over again.

Experimenting with something that was different for both of us.

Beginning something new.


I remember everything…

Especially the day you married her.









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18 thoughts on “Memory

  1. Wasn’t expecting that. Beautifully done!

  2. ow, the twist is heartbreaking.

  3. Ah!!! The Ending! The Ending!

  4. Lance on said:

    Love how you incorporated your erotic style, dig the twist, and welcome back.

  5. So much, so much passion. The heart crumbles as the love is revealed to be a lie. Excellent build up.

  6. That last line was a stunner. So much passion to end with so much heartache.

  7. Wasn’t expecting that ending. Powerful, Denabo.

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