My truth. My life.

My Missing Piece

When you really want something, you fight for it. You live every moment piecing together the will and the drive that you need to achieve it.

At least that’s what they tell me…

It wasn’t so long ago that I believed them. I thought that I had the right and ability to live my life to the fullest. To experience the promise of motherhood with nothing holding me back.

Now, to believe that would be ironic. How could I possibly fight for anything knowing what I know? Knowing that the day that she went missing my will for fighting dissolved.



This is a fictional piece that I have been working on.. I have decided to try it out on  100 word Challenge.

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6 thoughts on “My Missing Piece

  1. Hooray! You wrote, and you wrote for me! I’m getting a little teary – over this piece (I can only imagine the heartbreak of losing a child like that) and that you’re writing here again.

  2. So nice to see your name pop into my emails!

  3. So good to see you again, Deena. Welcome back. 🙂

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