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Something new

To quote writers block means “an inability to write”.  That is obviously true.  In my terms however, it also means “Duh, um.. Pretty blank screen.”.

For those of you who have known me for awhile you know that I have went from writing 2 to 3 times a day to well, nothing.  I assure you that this is not from a lack of trying.

I have ideas.  Lots of ideas.  I will be doing something and think of a perfect line or a perfect stanza.  I will even write it down to remember.  Then I sit down, open my computer and….. nothing.  That perfect line or stanza looks at me and laughs.

Because of my obvious lack of creativity lately I have decided to try something new.  So please stick with me.  Here goes…..

In 4 days I am flying to San Jose, California to meet ALOT of people who I know but don’t know.  I’m going to BlogHer ’14 with my husband (a lesser known blogger, wait.. what?) (Just trying to keep his head from getting to big) and I realized that none of the people who I am going to meet really know me.  They know my writing, what my hubby writes about me and that my nickname is Bobina.

So I have decided to share myself with you.  I am hoping that this accomplishes a few things.  1) Strengthens the friendships I have made through my writing.  2) Opens my creativity back up. 3) Let’s everyone get to know me.  The real me.

When I say I’m going to write my story, I really mean I am going to write my story.  It will be mixed in with other posts (hopefully more fiction).  It’s time to add a little real life into my words.

Stay tuned….




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10 thoughts on “Something new

  1. Lance on said:

    Great idea to diarize and I’m just glad you’re writing.

  2. This is a great idea. Hope you and Lance have fun in Cali. I got to attend BlogHer ’09 and got to meet almost all of my (then) bloggy friends.

    • Thanks Tara. I needed to do something to get me back into it! I am so excited for BlogHer! I’m sure we will post lots of pics.

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  3. Hope you have fun and that it sparks your creativity!

  4. I’m in a writing freeze myself I do understand. What ever it takes to stir those creative juices do it. Why didn’t you link us to your husband’s blog? Enjoy your trip sounds like fun mingling with virtual friends.

  5. I hope you enjoy yourself. Good luck with the writer’s block.

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