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2 sides of the night



As I sit watching her

I wonder of her story.

Her exquisite beauty is

unlike any other.


I should be nervous with

everyone watching my every move.

I’m not.

I dance with pride to

make something of myself.


Her skin is as soft as silk and

her smile could melt the flaming

batons that she is holding so tightly.

I imagine her kiss would be salty sweet.


They look at me as an object

and I’m okay with that.

I am not ashamed of my body, nor

am I ashamed to use it.

My dancing keeps my children fed.


I think she really likes me because she

is showering me with attention.

I am sure she is attracted to me.

She needs me to take care of her.


He thinks I am attracted to him.

It’s sad.

¬†Tonight I will dance for him like there’s

no one else in the room.

Tomorrow, I will begin again.


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