My truth. My life.

I Can’t

I can’t keep fighting.

I am so

broken and beyond beaten

and I am just giving up.


I can’t keep begging.

It’s always your way over mine

even when I am right.

I could say the grass is green and I would

be wrong just because you are not the one who

said it.


I can’t keep crying.

I fear that I have no more tears

inside of me.

I ache for your forgiveness when you are

the one that needs to be asking for forgiveness.


I can’t keep walking on egg shells.

I don’t deserve it.


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18 thoughts on “I Can’t

  1. Utterly heart-breaking.

  2. It sounds like you are really struggling …I hope the situation improves.. Thoughts are with you… I have written myself similar posts in the last few months…. take care Diane

  3. There is so much strength and beauty in your words. You are right, you don’t deserve this. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Loved this & the last two lines are too good!

  5. Knowing that you don’t deserve to be treated (or mistreated) a certain way – is more than half the battle. It’s all you & you can beat it. Oh yeah – I have faith!

  6. There’s always a breaking point, when enough is truly enough. Great piece!

  7. Beautiful and sad piece at the same time !

  8. Empowering . . . finding that self worth. Excellent.

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