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The Bus Ride



It’s funny what you can see when you ride the bus all day.  Every day you can have a different experience.  So many different types of people. Some are in a hurry and some just like to take their time.  Some of them talk to me and others look at me like I’m a crazy, lazy bum or something.  They wouldn’t look at me like that if they knew what I have been through, what I am going through.  Bill, the guy that always sits in front of me lost his family in an accident a few years ago.  He never really got over it and lost everything.  Bobby, the guy that sits in back is a drunk.  He drank himself out of a home.  Me? I got sick.  I have cancer.  The big C.  It’s taken a toll on my body and I know what I look like now.  So I understand.  I actually do have a home to go to at night.  I just like to ride the bus to give me something else to think about.  It’s funny what you can see when you ride the bus all day.


This is done for Sunday Photo Fiction



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17 thoughts on “The Bus Ride

  1. I like your blog!With love maxima

  2. I like that. It is funny what you see when you ride the bus all day. I love the the way your character looks at life.

  3. I always loved riding the bus while I was in China. It was the best place for thinking. Not so much people watching because most everyone on the bus was people watching *me* the giant clumsy redhead. But it was give and take.

  4. I used to ride the public bus a lot back when I was a teenager. Great place to people watch. Same with trains & planes. Makes you wonder about people’s lives.

  5. I rode the bus one summer a few years ago. Definitely a variety of people, with a host of stories to imagine on the long rides 🙂

  6. This reminds me of the Joan Osborne song, “One of Us,” about Go riding the bus. People watching can be intriguing.

  7. Thoughtful piece.
    AnElephant loves buses for just this reason.

  8. So many stories could come out of this one, with the characters you’ve mentioned.

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