My truth. My life.

That night’s truth





“Believe me when I tell you that I wasn’t always the person I am today.  I used to be outgoing.  I was the star of every party that I went to.  People loved me.”

“And now?”

“Now, now people walk on the other side of the hall just so they don’t have to speak to me.  They all stare at me.  I think, no I know, that they are scared of me.”

“Why do you think they feel this way?”

“NO! I wont talk about it.  I’m not ready.  I have never told anyone what really happened that night.”

” Do you think it would help you to let it out?”

” Do you think it would help me to let it out?”

” I can’t answer that for you.”

” I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.  I will start, but if I feel like in can’t say anymore you can’t push me.  Promise?”

“I promise.”

“Okay. It started as just another typical Halloween party that my neighbor was throwing.  The radio was blaring the Monster Mash.   TV was playing Nightmare Before Christmas.  You know, the usual.  Emily, my neighbor, realized that we were low on napkins so she asked me to run into town to grab some.  I had just gotten my license so I was willing to drive anywhere.  When I got into town I noticed that Main Street was like a ghost town, except for one lit storefront.  I thought it was odd, but I was just happy the one store was open.

When I opened the door I noticed the woman working was not someone who I recognized.  I asked where Marsha was, she owned the store, and she laughed and said she was in a rush to get home to the kids.  She was a family member so she offered to close up.  Luckily, she let me grab some napkins, after I explained what they were for, and sent me on my way.  As I was driving off I saw the lights in the store go off.

Pulling into my driveway I noticed that Emily’s lights were off and all of the cars were gone.  I started to worry that something was really wrong.  I ran next door and knocked on the door.  I am pretty sure I left the car running and the napkins in the front seat.  Emily opened the door and said “Sweetie you need to go home.  The party ended hours ago.”  I noticed there were several other neighbors sitting around the living room in the dark and that made me even more nervous.  I looked at my watch realizing I had been gone for 4 hours.  Where had the time gone? I had just went to the store and back.”

“Do you need to take a break?  Drink some water, your voice is getting shaky.”

“No. If I stop, I will never finish.  I walked back to my house and went inside.  Mom and dad weren’t home so I assumed they were still at Emily’s.

I remember crawling into bed and closing my eyes.  I heard my mom call my name and when I opened my eyes she was standing beside my bed.  I sat up and asked if everything is ok.  She said “No, my love.  You are still sleeping.  When you wake up I need for you to get into your car, get all of your money out of savings and drive far.  Keep driving and never look back.”  Before I could ask why I woke up.  The house was quiet and my mom was nowhere to be found.

I wasn’t sure what to do next.  I never thought that my bad dream was meant to be a warning.  I ran back to Emily’s house hoping to find out what was going on.  This time when she answered she had a scowl on her face.  I noticed that her hands were covered in blood.  The older lady from the store was standing close behind her inviting me in.  She was holding a mask that was made out of a human face.  As I looked closer I realized that the face was my moms.”

“And what happened next?”

“I woke up again.  Covered in the blood of everyone at the party.  And now here I sit, in the psych ward retelling you my story everyday.  Pretending like its hard for me.  When what I really want to do is play in your blood”


Word Count: 745

This is written for : The Speakeasy


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39 thoughts on “That night’s truth

  1. well at least she’s honest

    You did a great job conveying the nightmare.

  2. This is great. So dreamlike and creepy.

  3. Oh that is GOOOOD!!!!!!

  4. Oh I just LOVE to see you writing again D!!

    • Thank you sweet friend! I’m glad to be back!

      • Me too!!!

        I definitely took a break too .. but I still wrote a piece here and there … now, I’m still not writing like I was at the beginning of Tryst .. life has me all over the place … soul is going all the time … But anyway, it’s great to see you, a familiar and friendly face, around my email notifications!!! Makes me smile Deana!!


  5. Oh my gosh. This was truly, truly scary. It was like a Twilight Zone. The pacing was perfect and the ending really “brought it on home”. A most entertaining read! 😀

  6. Aka Teraka on said:

    When woman is master, she is you.

  7. I loved it, you did a great job

  8. Ach, the shivers of evil! Scary! Gonna be a while before I get that image out of my head.

  9. Ohh… chilling, gave me the shivers.

  10. Too spooky for words – so I will just *SCREAM!!!*

  11. Dang, that was scary! Nicely done 🙂

  12. Deana! I’m so glad you joined us at the Speakeasy! And, oh my goodness, this is such a scary piece of writing. Love the dreamlike quality in your writing, and I love the ending!

  13. Natalie DeYoung on said:

    Ick ick! Very creative. 🙂

  14. Creepy! I like how you told it through conversation – it gave it a nice theatrical quality.

  15. Eww! she lost her mind on Halloween. Good story.

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