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Beyond the dream



I believe in my dreams.  They have the ability to take me to a place that even my imagination wouldn’t dare to explore.  In my most devilish dreams you are there.  Sometimes when I wake I see you standing beside me, hovering if you will.  Then I realize that you are merely a figment of my imagination, an apparition of what I wish to be true.  The thought of your touch, your impeccable touch, leaves me feeling filled with an uncontrollable desire to cry and peak at the same time.  It’s as if I am floating into the ecstasy that you have given me over and over again in my living past and in my nightly dreams.  You are orgasmic to my soul, mind and body.

I find myself trying to escape consciousness throughout the day so that once again I can be mesmerized by your sapphire eyes and your creamy smooth touch.  Your willingness and eagerness to help me reach that climatic state of release haunts me until once again I am in your arms being devoured by your caressing lips.

Until the time that our connection is once again tangible, I will savor our time in my dreams.


This is written for : Rebecca Grace Allen : Sinful Sunday

Rebecca Grace Allen


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12 thoughts on “Beyond the dream

  1. That is brilliant Deana

  2. Very sensual, your imagery is wonderful.

  3. Thanks so much for participating!

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