My truth. My life.

Yearning Fire



As I felt myself waking this morning,

shortly before sunrise,

I glanced over at you.

You lay still,

so full of immeasurable beauty.

It’s as if you were a perfectly formed clay

sculpture with a lonely sheet draped over

your thighs.

I thought about how relieved I was that our

chemistry went beyond the safe boundaries that I

had experienced in the past.

As I felt your leg bend seductively around mine

I felt a yearning fire take over me.

I smiled and surrendered

as your flames devoured me.


For The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 132



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30 thoughts on “Yearning Fire

  1. This is a wonderful read. And I hadn’t heard of the Sunday Whirl. I might try my hand at it as well.

  2. Passionate and passionately written..

  3. Wow! Great job working all of those words into your piece. And great job with the hot and steaminess, too!

  4. Beautifully sensuous… 🙂

  5. Lucky lucky man!

  6. Old Egg on said:

    Why didn’t I think of that? What a sensational use of the words. Can’t wait until next week.

  7. You might need to keep a fire extinguisher near by!!

  8. Nice use of the words! Must have been those ‘flames.’ 🙂

  9. Ooooh this is passionate love it!

  10. Well done. Enjoyed reading.

  11. Beautifully passionate piece, Deana. Sorry for the late visit.


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