My truth. My life.





“You can’t just burst in here anytime you want.”  The sight of him made me nervous enough.  The fact that he pushed himself into my bathroom when I was barely wearing a towel made my stomach knot up.

“We need to talk.” I noticed his blue eyes engulfing the outline of my body as he spoke.

“I don’t want to talk anymore. I’m tired of talking.  I’ve already said everything I wanted to say.”

“Then stop talking.  You can’t keep fighting this, fighting us.  The connection between us is invincible.”

As the towel hit the floor, that connection became physical.



For Velvet Verbosity

100 word Challenge






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18 thoughts on “Invincible

  1. you’re right, this is your strength

    great use of vel’s word

  2. This is delicious. And I love the photo at the top of the post too. Yum!

  3. This was very intense and wonderfully descriptive!!!

  4. Oooh I like that

  5. Oh sweet… that’s connection

  6. Sometimes all you can do is surrender.

  7. When does this contest start and end? I saw your post yesterday morning so I write something thinking I’d enter.

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