My truth. My life.

Running from myself


I will not allow myself to run forever.

I will not allow my inner self to connect with my

physical body,

until I am sure that I will not be ashamed of what I have become.


I have so much to accomplish before I can allow

such  a profound connection.

I have so much to learn before I can face myself and accept who I am.


I need to forgive myself for things in my past that no longer affect my future.

For I am human and I am allowed to make mistakes.


When I look in the mirror I want to see pride beaming from my eyes.

I want to love myself for the things I have done and for people who I have touched.


When someone else looks at me I want them to know that I although I am not perfect,

I have the best of intentions.

I need them to see how hard I work to be a positive person.


Only then,

Can I become whole.


This is for Picture it & Write



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10 thoughts on “Running from myself

  1. Reminds me to make a list for myself. Nice..

  2. Inspirational 🙂

  3. A great poem. I loved this line ‘For I am human and I am allowed to make mistakes.’ People need to repeat that to themselves more often. We can become so self-critical. It’s okay and admiral to desire self-improvement. But we must be okay with ourselves and accept that we are not perfect, and that we are allowed to make mistakes. Inspiring! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  4. Creative. A growing and knowing yourself at different junctures in your life.

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