My truth. My life.

Broken By You



I wish I could reset myself back to the days before I was broken.

I find my grasping for a breath of air that won’t suffocate me.

I have allowed myself to become dependent on the pain

that you cause me.

I have allowed you to break my spirit and cause me

to lose all dignity with your words.

I believe that it builds you up to watch me crumble.

What can I do to change your actions?

How can I make you see what you are doing to me?

Is it possible that you will one day love me?


This is written for : Velvet Verbosity 100 words



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24 thoughts on “Broken By You

  1. noorainsobiya on said:

    Touching!!It capture’s that emotion of pain and a want to change one’s life in as many as a 100 0r so words. short and full of impact!

  2. It’s more possible the target isn’t worthy of the writer’s love.

    Beautiful piece!

  3. tears, here. In more ways than one, beautiful and heart breaking.

  4. There is a lot of emotion in that. It is fantastic.

    Brilliantly sad. Thank you for sharing it with us Deana

  5. The hopelessness of unrequited love. Very good.

  6. So much emotion. Lovely.

  7. I enjoyed your story as I read “trifecta”. I could fee the emotion, the pain. It is odd how sometimes the deepest love causes the most lasting pain. great Work.

    I am having a problem getting on to a prompt that is among the group sen to my email/blog. Is there a way to jus look up a prompt and see what the weeks challenge is?
    Thanks for your time.beebeesworld

  8. So much pain and yearning.

  9. Aka Teraka on said:

    I really really really really miss your writing.

  10. So much ‘hurt’ … maybe different circumstances but I can empathize… Feel better…Diane

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