My truth. My life.

Back to you


When your arms are wrapped around me

it’s impossible not to get lost in you.

Any wisdom and power I gain from being apart from you

is erased and replaced with ignorance from just one

syllable escaping your lips.

What is this power, this hold that you have over me?

I know that everything about you is so exceedingly wrong for me.

Yet here I am, releasing my aching body to you once more.


This is for Lillie McFerrin: Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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22 thoughts on “Back to you

  1. Can a person be an addiction… I think so.

  2. Oohhhhhh – What can one do when feelings just take over like that?

  3. I’ve known this person. Not good at all when the person is all wrong for you!

  4. Nicely written, Bo.

  5. That was intense. I was once that person. It’s a power I will never forget and never want to have over me again. You captured it with your words. As always, your writing is so fluid, so emotional, so captivating.

  6. I agree with Mel. This is fluid and every word moves into each other. Those last two lines are perfect.

  7. This is beautifully written. I admire how you can write such a deeply powerful story with 5 sentences. I have participated there maybe 3 times. Poetry isn’t too hard, the rules are bendable, and I love the prompts. It’s hard for me to make a story come together of fiction or non-fiction. Your words flow like perfect poetry. It’s the 22nd on here. Where have you gone lady? Seems everyone was taking a break from writing in either July or August. Hoped over to grab the link to your blog, so people can find you. I ask if you were supportive of Lance’s writing on his books. You write beautifully. Figure people should head here too.

  8. That was supposed to be ‘hopped’ over, like a bunny. I hope I get the interview Q and A’s right with no typos. smh. Hope you are having a great summer. Hopping back to my blog now. lol

  9. That really was beautiful.

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