My truth. My life.



I find myself drowning in the tainted water of life.

I feel as if I have been exposed on a circus stage,

 hanging by a suspended ring with one hand.

I am fading.



For Trifecta:

On now to this weekend’s Trifextra challenge.  This weekend we are giving you
three words and asking for you to give us back another thirty of your own,
making a grand total of thirty-three words.

Your words to work with



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38 thoughts on “Grasping

  1. I like how you stacked the motional impact of the words, Bo. Very well-written

  2. Very deep. Enjoyed this!

  3. Wow great story!

  4. It’s a struggle to hold on sometimes.

  5. mairzeebp on said:

    Nooo! Reach up with the other hand…or wait until I get there and I’ll make sure I’m able to catch you. This was really well done and one of my favorites. Thank you for linking up! ~Mary Beth

  6. That’s gorgeous writing …

  7. Very heartfelt; I can identify.

  8. Powerful stuff.

  9. When speaking in public, I always wonder if I have not only people’s attention, but their interest.

    Great POV, I can only imagine what the pressure would be with a larger/ paying crowd!

  10. that feeling of sining … been there ! Nice pic to complement it 🙂

  11. interesting juxaposition of being center stage and fading.

  12. I feel like this sometimes too-and you have given voice to that feeling with these beautiful words! Well done!

  13. Powerful 33 words!

  14. debseeman on said:

    Really Good Deana!

  15. I’m hoping this is all fiction, because I know this place and it’s a hard place to hang. You’ve captured it well. Thanks for linking up, Deana.

  16. Damn, girl! You nailed it! That feeling is so hard to escape.

  17. Draug419 on said:

    Very powerful.

  18. It is a horrible feeling. Hope she can hang on…

  19. This is lovely and poignant. Love the circus metaphor.

  20. yes! that is how i feel somedays for sure. losing my grip.

  21. Powerful and poignant

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