My truth. My life.

Behind my words


Expressing * Truthful * Freeing


For Trifecta

This weekend, we’re asking for you to sum up your own process with just three
little words.  Give us dry wit, pathos or otherwise.  And remember, we like your
blood on the page.  Put it there.

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40 thoughts on “Behind my words

  1. Your pieces always ring with truthfulness, Deana – just one of the things I love about your writing.

  2. A choice of words I like!

  3. Beautiful Woman’s Words

  4. Lots of great self-therapy!

  5. And what impressive and amazing feelings they are.

  6. Always done well 🙂

  7. And that you do well!

  8. Your words are very expressing and honest. That has to be freeing. You explained your writing process with just those 3 words. I think I cheated and gave a brief explanation. Oops. Wonderful the way you laid your process out.

  9. expressing truth sets you free, my friend. You do it well.

  10. When you express what you truly feel, it is, indeed, quite liberating and freeing. You always tell it like it is whenever you create so, these words suit you well.

  11. Draug419 on said:

    So free…It’s lovely.

  12. They do have an immense power, words.
    Freeing indeed 🙂

  13. Your three words really reflect in your writing. Beautifully stated, Deana!

  14. Freeing is a beautiful word, and a great feeling. Thank you for linking up!

  15. I like the idea of truth here. It’s like that Hemingway advice, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” I think truth is at the core of all good writing – not reality, of course, but truth.

  16. Great 3 words – they are that for me too.

  17. This is a perfect description of your writing. I was nodding, yes, that’s Deana.

  18. Your wonderful three words express the place I want to be in my writing. You are such an inspiration:)

  19. jury has verdict

  20. . . . and surely happiness will always follow!

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