My truth. My life.

To live is to learn


Every line you see engraved into my face

represents a different story.

You can choose to share in my

wisdom or to falter in your own egotism.


When I tell you to cherish your time with

the children it’s because

one day they will no longer fit in your arms.

They will grow and become the adult you sculpted them to be.


When I tell you to care for those older than you

it’s because you will one day need someone to help you remember

who you once were.  What walk down memory lane story will you

want to hear?


When I tell you to treat others the way you want to be treated

I am not trying to be cliché.

It’s because one day you will look karma in the eye

and from what I have heard

you don’t want her to look back at you.


When I tell you to be faithful and give your all to

the one you have chosen to spend your life with,

it’s because you hold a part of that person’s self-worth

in your hand.

You must also remember that the person you are with may be

the only person that will ever truly love you.

You must cherish that love.


When I tell you to be tolerant of others you must understand

that in return others are learning to be tolerant of you.

In all of my years I have not been fortunate enough to meet anyone

that has been flawless.

Until you have no skeletons hidden in your closet,

you are no better than anyone.  In fact,

if you spend your time condemning others for their actions,

you are just as erroneous as you are accusing them of being.


We must love.

We must care.

We must respect.

Most of all,

we must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.


This is written for Anonymous Legacy: VisDare 26 Engraved

I know I went over the 150 words, I just couldn’t stop! sorry!


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23 thoughts on “To live is to learn

  1. very nice, Deana, very nice

  2. Lance on said:

    It’s all great but those 4th and 5th stanzas are beautiful.

  3. First off – There is not a wrinkled face that I haven’t loved.
    What a great poem to go with the photo!

  4. This was just wonderful Deanabo! A poem worthy of framing and put somewhere to be read on a daily basis. It had to be the poem the length it wanted to be. 333 be damned!

  5. So, so good!!

  6. tempestletrope on said:

    The time one has with their children is much shorter than we realize when we are changing diapers and the like. Mine is now nearly 25.

  7. This is a truly magnificent piece, Deanabo.

  8. Beautiful poem

  9. *applause* This was incredible. So many wonderful truths that we should all embrace.

  10. This is wonderful. I have missed your words!!

  11. This is a man who I could sit with for hours, and just listen. Just listen. So much wrapped up in this — lovely, lovely work. Thank you for another reflective, wise VisDare!

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