My truth. My life.

Broken music


One pretty sound

is all they need to here.

They need to hear proof that I am normal.

Tipsy toes on the keys,

Do they hear me?

My words are coming out in beautiful notes filled

with laughter and joy.

Why do they only hear pain in my voice and see mad in my soul?

It’s must be echoing my heart.

Broken, unloved, battered and


I want to be normal.

What is normal?

I can’t keep blaming you for making me this way.

I need to move on and let go.

Is it buried to far?

I believe that it’s inside me somewhere,

Maybe one day I will find it.


This is for VisDare 25: Precarious : Anonymous Legacy

I know it probably doesn’t make any sense, I just needed to write it.


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8 thoughts on “Broken music

  1. Wonderfully worded. I really like this one.

  2. Uh oh – made sense to me. What does that mean?

  3. Very heartfelt and poignant…

  4. “What is normal?” <— The eternal question!! I can hear the longing and the crashing chords throughout this. Lovely entry, once again, o gracious poet!! 🙂

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