My truth. My life.

Blades of hope


I remember what it was like to walk barefoot in the grass with you.

I can still feel the blades of grass running through our toes

with the smell of sweet honeysuckle entertaining our nose.

Your promises whispered into my ear gave me hope,

A hope beyond any other I have ever dreamed.

As a child, you filled me with aspiration for a future filled with a vibrant love of life.

Now, as I grow into the adult you have sculpted me into,

I hope to provide you with a fulfilling pride and continuously earn your respect.


This is done for 5 sentence fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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15 thoughts on “Blades of hope

  1. A very poetic piece.

  2. Lance on said:

    I love the rhythm and the sentiment. Those last two sentences are amazing.

  3. “The adult you sculpted me into.” Those words speak volumes of the person you are writing about. Beautiful.

  4. Awww…beautiful.
    No matter how old we get – we are always our parents children…And we always want to make them proud 🙂

  5. This is really lovely, Deana.

  6. This was simply lovely.

  7. I really enjoy your wistful words!

  8. Oh that’s gorgeous Deana. Particularly liked ‘…smell of sweet honeysuckle entertaining our nose.’

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