My truth. My life.

Dont let me down

A single good morning kiss overwhelms my every sense.

I can feel the passion pouring out of your

eyes as you stare deeply into me.

The love we make is enough to ensure

a day filled with euphoria.

As I leave the moment I notice a

change has come over you.

Your eyes have crowded with darkness.

The man who had just filled me with love and delight

is no longer with me.

Your defense is up and your unjustified words are heartbreaking.

I beg to you “Come back to me.  Do not let me down”

Then I wait.


Written for 100 word song : My blog can beat up your blog

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog


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8 thoughts on “Dont let me down

  1. Lance on said:

    brilliant. sorry I know this person so well. and I’m sorry for both of us.

    great writing

  2. Great write! But – Oh no – not a good way to end that moment.
    Gave me a chill at the end there.

  3. beautifully said ..

  4. This one has a real gut punch.

  5. That last line is one I never heard. Really wish I had. Beautifully done as always, Deana.

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