My truth. My life.


Ponytail by Last Exit

I am Suffocating.

My breathing has shifted from

effortless to impossible.

Emptiness and darkness have disturbed my thoughts.

I have been drained of energy and emotion.

Agony and misery have become my way of life.


This is how I picture myself without you.


This is written for : The Mag

magpie tales statue stamp 185


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18 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Lance on said:

    I liek the matetr of fact language you used. It’s really powerful.

  2. a gut kicker, in the best of ways

  3. Like Lance said, powerful.
    Goes wonderfully with the haunting smoke image.

  4. For me this poem has a romantic feel. However, it could hark to the loss of any loved one. My father has been gone for two and a half years. The poem I wrote was about him. Peace.

  5. Great write – Flows nicely.
    Sadly – I know the feeling. A sad & empty/hallow feeling.

  6. I know this feeling…

  7. The last line was perfect! Well, the whole thing was pretty much so. Oh hell, you get what I mean!

  8. Powerful, so evocative of a hollow feeling

  9. I love this and I think it fits the photo so well. Powerful, beautiful words. As always, your poetry inspires me.

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