My truth. My life.

And Then I Did…


When you look at me you see what I want you to see.

I have gotten so good at covering up my

pain and bitterness with a

perfected smile.


When I look at me I see a shell of myself.  I have

been drained of my hope and depleted

of my significance.


No more.

I will begin to build my life again from scratch.  I am

 determined to feel good about being me. I

will be proud of what I accomplish

in my life.


Life is an opportunity.  I am the only person that

can make the choice to live.


This is for : 100 word song

This weeks song is :  Nina Simone – Feeling Good

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24 thoughts on “And Then I Did…

  1. Great poem in response to a great song!

  2. Lance on said:

    I love the strength and how you build it.

  3. dulzimordash on said:

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.

  4. A wonderful feeling to set yourself free like that!

  5. this is beautiful – I can certainly feel this piece – the last portion is where I struggle, but I love the hope you bring to the table:) I love this.

  6. “…depleted of my significance.” That’s a good time to reevaluate and move forward. This write had a lot of emotion behind the smile. Brava Deanabo!

  7. wow so beautiful 🙂
    Lovely song and loved the positivism in the poem in such simple and brief words.
    Loved it.

  8. “Life is an opportunity” needs to be on a billboard in every city. Nicely done Deana!

  9. I love how quickly you turn it all around!

  10. Deana, your words are well crafted, and so very very true, thank you for inspiring! 🙂

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