My truth. My life.

From Bent to Broken


I want to go back to when

I was bent and not broken.

There was a time that you would

work to earn my trust.

Now, you work to break it and then

cover it up before the truth comes out.

When a lie was told it was told out of guilt and regret.

Now, I question every word you say.  The untruth seems to flow from you

as easily as the air that you breathe.

The truest love you gave to me in the beginning

now belongs to everyone else but me.

You spoke out your love into

anyone that would listen.

You are so consumed with (them, they, her) feeding your ego,

that you have left me to fade into nothing.

When I was bent I had some hope of control.

I had a choice over my heart and my being.

Now that I am broken, those options are no longer.

I will stay and continue to allow you to splinter my soul.


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18 thoughts on “From Bent to Broken

  1. This is really intensity and rings so very true of relationships that sizzle the pssst out. Good job.

  2. You have captured deep, tortured, emotional pain. Very well written.

  3. Lance on said:

    ‘You are so consumed with (them, they, her) feeding your ego,” – that line spoke to me. Ego makes all behave in ways we can’t explain and later regret. This was a terrific.

  4. Excellent piece, very sad!

  5. Oh how sad.
    Really well written – but – oh so sad.

  6. dulzimordash on said:

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.

  7. I think the last tortuous line got to me more than anything. Powerful and heartbreaking words Bo. x

  8. Ahh. What depth. I could read so much inside. Pierce one to see the unseen.

  9. The emotion conveyed in this is powerful. There were so many lines that cut to the heart. Great writing!

  10. That hurt the heart to read. Deeply. This is a genius piece Deana.

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