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Slipping through my fingers

I can’t believe how quickly this little girl: 403236_3046821775781_1089944472_nTurned into this young woman:217405_10151934674210166_414929344_n

The many faces of a beautiful night…..

IMG_1808 A perfect face of happiness and nervousness.

IMG_1820 Nervous about tonight…..  Love the curls and makeup.

IMG_1826  Ready to show the world….

IMG_1829  It’s 5 minutes before he’s supposed to be here.  Calling to find out where he is…

IMG_1888 a very scared dad….. IMG_1845  because of the way he looks at her….




IMG_1842  A surprise jump on his back leads to the most beautiful laugh…..

IMG_1873          IMG_1887 A very supportive best friend….

IMG_1881  A princess who has stolen everyone’s heart….

For those of you who noticed I wasn’t in any pictures, That’s my only regret……. I was to busy making it a perfect night for her that I forgot about myself.


I wish I could go back to day 1 for just a minute or two.  To hold my angel in my arms again…..


Please take the time to listen to this song….. It’s as if my heart wrote it.


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38 thoughts on “Slipping through my fingers

  1. Aka Teraka on said:


  2. What a truly, heartfelt beautiful post! Thank you for sharing! Hugs.

  3. Lance on said:

    Good God she’s beautiful. She gets it from her mother. Thanks for making me cry, jerk.

  4. Good photos! I assume Lance performed the traditional hazing of the boy.

  5. Beautifully said….Hugs from us all. It’s going to be ok..Overwhelming pride can be hard to take, but cherish it!
    They do come home.

  6. Your little princess has grown into a beautiful young lady.

  7. What an amazing mom. I have tears streaming down my face. She looked beautful. Just like a princess. 🙂 BIG HUGS!

  8. Wow… that was truly a beautiful post… quite emotional…

    They’re a beautiful couple and I wish them both every happiness… 🙂

  9. She is beautiful like her mum. The song brought tears…know that your little angel will always be there for you to hug …they grow..they turn from little princesses into bigger princesses but they will always remain our little girls. xxx

  10. I couldn’t finish listening to the song. Tears were forming and that tightness in my throat when a person is about to bawl. Beautiful photos and I think you are a wonderful mom for helping make her day so special that you forgot about yourself. I know now you wish you were in them but you were there in every way. hugs.

  11. This post made me misty. I don’t have a daughter, but I see my sons growing up (and a little away) all the time. I wish there was some way to pause time, or at least slow it down a bit.

  12. Pretty awesome, proud momma!

  13. Those are so beautiful moments to remember and the pictures are as well.. There was never a ‘prom’ to be for me and that something that I wish had been ..sighhh Diane

  14. That song always, always, always makes me cry.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  15. What a beautiful couple. Congratulations, Deana. You have done so well and I sincerely it is a big achievement to have your daughter married. Wishing them all the best 🙂

  16. p.s. I listened to the video ‘after’ I did comment and tears wouldn’t stop…as my ‘little’ girl is now in her 40’s and sometimes I feel like she is ‘falling through my fingers’… I sent the video to her…hoping she understands why….Diane

  17. OMG D… She is so beautiful!! This post brought some little tears… of happiness… and I don’t even have kids… yet… so, see? How you have touched me..? I am so glad I read this!! (I always keep your posts in my inbox though, till I have time.. I never like to miss your words, you are one of my OG, Tryst VIP, fav’s))

    Anyway, this is really great! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO ~ J

    • Thanks Jen! Sorry I have been MIA lately. Work is killing me, and my girls schedules have me spinning in circles. I am a HUGE fan of your words too!

      • I hear that! Life. Man, who prepares us for this *@$# ?
        Ah! I’ve been running in circles too!! Crazy busy and emotionally neurotic.. (Bad combo)

        Things will calm down.. just hang in there!! Both of us!! XOXO You kno I love you girlie!! I totally do…

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