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The other side of crazy


He dug himself a hole in the ground. He wanted to bury the letter he received in the mail earlier that day.  There was no way that his wife could find out about this.  “John, You have done it this time.” He muttered to himself.

About a year ago he had started writing again.  It was something that calmed him.  With encouragement from his wife he begin to join writing communities so that he could share his work and meet people who could set him in the right direction of being published.  It was overwhelming how many wonderful people he began to meet.  They were people who shared his love for the art of writing.  He made friends, real friends.

There was one woman in particular, Leah, that began to get attached to him.  She seemed to be under a lot of stress at home.  They exchanged numbers to discuss a mutual writing group assignment that they were both working on.  When the assignment was over, she continued to call him.  She would discuss everything from her husband, whom she no longer loved and her children, whom she regretted having.  He learned quickly that he no longer wanted anything to do with this woman.  The only trouble was telling her that without hurting his ties in the writing world.  He was very careful not to lead her on in any way.  The day that she sent him an email asking him why he hadn’t returned his call and saying “I just want you to be the man I love” was the day he shared with his wife what was going on.

Anna, his wife, was upset.  She promised to help him out of this mess if he promised to never have any contact with her again.  He promised without hesitation.

Leah just wasn’t getting the picture.   She went overboard to write about how he hurt her.  She was psychotic and delusional.  She  became friends with his friends just to show him that she was still around.  The final straw was when she started contacting Anna’s friends.

This morning when he got to work there was a letter from her sitting on his desk.  His office is on the 12th floor of the old reconstructed federal building in town. It would have been difficult for her to get up there without someone seeing her.  As he began reading it he started to shake with fear.  So many questions. So many what if’s.  This woman actually thought she was in a relationship with him.

When he finished burying the letter he did the only thing he knew to do.  He sat down on the side of the bed and began to cry.


This is written for The Speakeasy #106  – Fiction


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22 thoughts on “The other side of crazy

  1. This is great. Just great! Very well written!

  2. I don’t think that has happened to me yet. But then you can never know who is behind the screen.

  3. Lance on said:

    great writing. I felt the pain and confusion all around. I love how you ended it.

  4. You come up with some insane stories! I mean that in a good way.
    Gotta’ beware of those psychos! Sometimes I think people confuse nice for love. A shame that nice isn’t the norm.

  5. Indeed a fine line at times between friendship and stalking. Great read my friend 🙂 x

  6. Creepy! This would be a nightmare… at least he didn’t try to hide it from his wife.

  7. A great story… after he has his moment I hope he sends his wife after her lol Diane

  8. oh, scary. Sometimes, there is just no way to control the way people behave.

  9. This is really creepy and scary..well told

  10. Sad and scary, Deana… Delusion certainly exists… 😉

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