My truth. My life.

Vacant Mind


My head is vacant.

I sit down to write and nothing comes out.

I close my eyes to think and I am staring at emptiness.

For some reason I can’t concentrate.

So many prompts to choose from, and nothing.

I love to write, yet I can’t.


This attack of depression is hitting me hard.

I’m not sure how or why it started.

Nothing happened to trigger it.

My home life is amazing.

Yet here I sit

with my imagination drowning.


This is written for Anonymous Legacy: Visdare

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35 thoughts on “Vacant Mind

  1. Lance on said:

    I think this was a perfect post for breaking writer’s block. I felt your heart.

  2. Sometimes thoughts don’t form words. Thankfully it isn’t permanent!

  3. Depression can be the catalyst for greatness or just sleep. Great job with the challenge. Writers block sucks.

  4. go blog hopping find someone to encourage, fake it if ya have to. 🙂 HUGS Deana

  5. Sorry you’re feeling down.

  6. This happens to me. I’ve been told perhaps hormones. I think in my case – “they” are right.
    Hey – can I sit on one of those chair by you & maybe we can beam some thoughts to each other for inspiration! 🙂

  7. pull up a chair and feel it for a while
    take a load off your mind and your feet
    and your heart, and
    smell and taste and touch and imagine
    and hear and stand up and sit down
    then write , then think, then write, then feel
    then smile

  8. Look at me. Look at me…. now think…think about those in Boston, think about those who cannot walk, who cannot see, who cannot hear… keep looking… think of the starving, the abused, those in pain, those who are dying…now look into yourself, your heart and ask yourself are you in their position? Are you suffering? Yes, but only with the evil nasty thoughts that you are allowing to fester. When we are down , things appear so much larger than what they are. You know how I have been the last few weeks and truly where did it get me? It kept me down, I didn’t want to rise above for I felt safer in my dark world. Then I said enough of this nonsense, think of how lucky you are, think of your family…now look at them and yourself and smile.
    Let me see a 🙂

  9. I can relate to these words more often.
    Simple yet so beautifully said.

  10. I can relate too. Passing clouds

  11. The chairs of nothingness do look very depressing. You wrote well of your writer’s block…perhaps you broke the block?

  12. The writers block well described. Love it. 🙂

  13. I love your description, it felt all too real. ‘Yet here I sit with my imagination drowning’- so true and so frustating.

  14. I feel this way some times too… More times than I care to admit…

  15. How true. It’s like a cycle – mental block is discouraging and leads to depression and that depression discourages the mind from working. What to do what to do. Just as you did – write about being blocked. 🙂

  16. I can completely identify with the frustration in this piece. Well rendered! Thank you for another lovely VisDare. 🙂

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