My truth. My life.



Stop causing pain to others.

You do not have the right.


Do not continue to rape innocent people.

It is ok for someone to not want to be with you.


Do not continue to injure anyone else with

guns, bombs or anything else.

No one deserves to be hurt because you can’t control your emotions.


Do not continue to share your hatred with the world.

It’s fine to disagree.  The world would be boring if we all felt the same.

Have a conversation explaining your thoughts and feelings.

It’s not ok to belittle someone or hurt them with your words because

you think they are wrong.

You were not given a special award allowing you to judge others.



Just stop.


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26 thoughts on “Stop

  1. Lance on said:

    no prompts just your heart. perfect.

  2. Il faut que tous ces crimes terroristes s’arrêtent, il faut que les gens vivent en paix, il faut que les enfants, les femmes, les innocents soient épargnés il faut commencer par Israël qui ne cesse d’exterminer le peuple palestinien.

  3. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. I plea with you…
    …Please. Just stop.

  5. Indeed Bo – very well said.

  6. Couldn’t agree more.

  7. Aka Teraka on said:

    Very touching…

  8. This comes straight from heart and so well written.

  9. This made me teary. Very powerful. Love the passion in your writing.

  10. I agree with peaceful disagreement. Beautifully written!

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