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Little things


The little things are easy to take for granted.

A good night kiss and cover stealing and cold feet pressed against me.

Climbing all over me with little knees digging into my leg just to sit in my lap.

Rolling eyes as the door slams and asking for money at the same time.

Hiding clothing behind the bed, behind the desk and in the toy box to get out of cleaning.


I have just got home from a girls trip.  I spent 3 nights away from my family.

These are the things I missed the most.


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30 thoughts on “Little things

  1. glad it was a safe trip. yup.

  2. Lance on said:

    we missed you. The house is freezing, your song pop is louder than ever, and this place is whole again.

  3. How cute. As much as I like to try & get away – I do end up missing the family & home. It’s a nice break though.
    I tell you though…I don’t miss certain people’s snoring…I won’t say who…but – there are several in this household – LOL

    Welcome back 🙂

  4. Can’t ever take those for granted. They’re some of the best parts of the day.

  5. Wondered where you had disappeared to. We can enjoy our moments of being us again, but nothing compares to the delights of family that you have written about.. absolutely nothing. Welcome back Bo. x

  6. The annoying things can be the most endearing… Humans are a strange lot, indeed.. 🙂

  7. Yes.. the annoying things that one misses when they are no longer there…

  8. Hope you enjoyed your vacay D! But I agree, it’s always great to get back home and to all that awaits you.

  9. This is so beautiful 🙂

  10. Laughing 🙂 Hope you had an enjoyable trip though

  11. It’s fun to have little trips, but even better coming home.

  12. It is always nice to go back home. 🙂

  13. So very beautiful, and a real treasure they become when we are away!

  14. this is so beautiful. you make motherhood seem very wonderful soooo much worth it .. someday i’ll have kids of my own and experience these lovely things ^^

  15. It’s funny how we look forward to getting away from it all and then while we’re gone, we miss it so much we can’t wait to go back!

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