My truth. My life.

Life Given Back

cherry blossom


Our fingers entwined like ribbons of light.

The excitement danced around us.

For the first time in what seemed like eternity,

I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

My dreams of perfection failed to measure up

to the brilliance of this moment.

It was a new beginning.

One of hope for a journey filled with life.

I will savor every moment,

remember every kiss,

laugh and love unconditionally.

Forever etched into my memory,

the sweetest words I will ever hear.

“Congratulations. You have overcome.

No more pain and no more fear.

Your cancer is in remission.”


This is a fictional story done for Jenny Matlock: Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock

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28 thoughts on “Life Given Back

  1. Wonderful words of courage and hope and happiness. The first line is brilliant Bo.

  2. Wow! This took my breath away. What beautiful writing.

  3. Words every cancer patient hopes to hear one day. Wonderful emotion and hope in this piece.

  4. That was great 100 words 🙂

  5. shrinksarentcheap on said:

    I love the first line and the last line! Beautiful poem.

  6. it’s a wonderful & joyful piece. I love happy endings.

    thanks for stopping by. hope you have a sweet day.

  7. Aka Teraka on said:

    Wonderful poem 🙂

  8. Nice take on the poem. And what a wonderful day that would be!


  9. Having sat in a Dr.’s office and heard the words spoken to my wife.. this had a lot of meaning.. she had been fighting for 19 years…

    • How awesome! I know when my dad heard those words it was the sweetest words we had ever heard! Sounds like you have a strong lady by your side. How lucky you both are!

  10. brilliant as always Deana … such a pleasure dropping in whenever you grace us with something new.

  11. Boy, do I know this all too well. Something about having cancer definitely puts one’s life in perspective. I really liked this a lot.

  12. Awww that makes me smile.

  13. Great story, Deana 🙂

  14. Brilliant!

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    I applaud your courage in writing this!

    I pray for your continued healing and peace!

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