My truth. My life.

Becoming Calm



A duet written with Hastywords


I lay in the middle

Of a pile of fallen leaves

Looking at a clear blue sky

Dreaming of what could be


I find myself hopeful

Despite what past experience

Has taught me

Do I dare believe it could be?


Spots of clouds float by

Symbols of worries let go

So I let my concerns join

All the other fly away fears


A feeling of relief

An overwhelming release

This give me hopes of

Becoming my dreams


I hear my name being called

So I gather myself to stand

Waving goodbye to thoughts

That never lent a helping hand


Thank you for to Hastywords for sharing her beautiful words with me.

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26 thoughts on “Becoming Calm

  1. I do love this post… beautiful words…

  2. This is brilliant.

  3. “Waving goodbye to thoughts that never lent a helping hand” – I guess this is what we should all do !!!

  4. Lovely sentiments in this Duet, saying goodbye to past worry and woe and moving forward to the future, lovely Bo x

  5. Ok who sang alto? 🙂 This was a very lovely duet, obviously both of you have very talented singing voices. I may have to sneak over and peek at Hastywords, see how she does on a solo. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Beautiful!
    Whose voice is calling at the end?

  7. Nicely done by both of you.

  8. What a relaxing time I just had…

  9. Outstanding – soothing and strengthful.

  10. I love the pace. It shows your strength in the measures.

  11. Excellent as always!

    Hmm a Poetry Duet? Not something I’ve ever tried…
    So do you each just write half of the verses separately and then bring them together in alternating pattern to see the result, or is there more planning and communication than that?
    Do you discuss the topic before hand and/or the intended feeling or sentiment wished to be conveyed by the end?

  12. This duet turned out beautifully. What a fun idea!

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