My truth. My life.

Turning to the fire


Weakness breeds emotions.  If I was going to stay strong enough to survive this unyielding pain, I would have to do something drastic.  I abandoned all hope, and discarded my humanity.  I knew that I would never regret the decision to light the match.  He had brutally tortured my soul and now I would get my retribution.


This is done for Lillie McFerrin – Five Sentence Fiction 

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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28 thoughts on “Turning to the fire

  1. Very powerful emotions here, you can literally feel the heat.

  2. Lance on said:

    I liek the approach and the intensity. really well-written.

  3. Perfect words for my day. Well written thank you

    From me to you, Cookie

  4. The backstory must be horrible.

    This is good.


  5. Hate to imagine what he had done, to have this as the result. Ouch – well done Bo. x

  6. Hot story this one…

  7. Very intense writing.

  8. smiles … note to self, stay on Deana’s good side!! 🙂 Awesome little FICTION … (he hopes lol) Take care D.

  9. Sarah Ann on said:

    Very strong emotions. The second half or the middle sentence says so much, ‘… and discarded my humanity.’ Well done.

  10. This is really good. Very human and intense.

  11. Very powerful story. Drastic reaction to a desperate situation.

  12. Extremely dark and powerful writing. x

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