My truth. My life.

The bitter truth


This feeling is unshakable.

It binds itself to me without warning.

It spreads quickly

and instantly takes over my mind.

I am filled with guilt from not trusting

and filled with disgust from the lies.

I’m torn and confused.

Broken and stressed.

I feel as if giving up is my

only option.

This detrimental feeling of despair

is irrevocable.

Depression will asphyxiate you

from the inside out.


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27 thoughts on “The bitter truth

  1. I think your 2nd last line should read ‘does’ not can. This is good Bo and the pic to accompany these powerful words equally so.

  2. Shame on anybody for telling you the bitter truth. lol
    They should only have told you the truth and forgotten about the bitter part.

  3. welcometograndcentral on said:

    For me, while depressed, I have the most difficulty trusting myself.
    You nailed it.

  4. Depression is a lying bastard.
    Good to be surrounded by loved ones to make it less painful to bear.

  5. What a lost feeling this is.
    Great write!

  6. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

  7. hauntingly sad writing 🙂

  8. That last line is so true. Breathtaking writing. I think sunshine would cure my cabin fever depression. Then again, I am bipolar. 🙂 Beautifully written.

  9. You my love have been tagged. Please go to the following link.

  10. It’s so hard to trust again if you’ve been hurt, then if you try to rebuild it, you can’t shake that niggling feeling of guilt when you’re still gun shy about being hurt again. Vicious cycle.

  11. Powerful poem. The last two lines are a perfect ending!

  12. Now that I’ve read I can leave a proper compliment. You have described depression extremely well.

  13. Describes it quite well….Diane

  14. powerful. well done

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