My truth. My life.

Submit to you


Our love begins with a single touch.

A whisper in my ear pulls me into your spell.

Your breath on my neck leaves me aching with anticipation.


One delicious kiss from you sends my body

into a fiery passion.

From a nibble on my bottom lip to

your mouth devouring mine.


The sound of you moaning my name leaves

me moist and awakened.

I melt as you lay me down to prepare me

for your sensuous caress.


It’s time to surrender myself to you completely.

As you press your naked perfection against me,

I submit myself to you.

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27 thoughts on “Submit to you

  1. Lance on said:

    sexy…great first line

  2. That was … interesting 😆

    Your blog is on my Blogs I Read page

  3. Hun ssshhh but nibble on my bottom lips/lip?
    This line my fave I melt as you lay me down to prepare me – apart from the sexual connotation it’s like hot toast waiting for the butter 🙂 You have done it again fine lady. x

  4. LOL I have to admit, I was smiling and wondering how many bottom lip(s) you had when I read that line also. Otherwise … your poems certainly paint very lovely pictures, which is a gentleman’s way of saying WOW HOT!!!

  5. Wow. This is intense. Are you writing the next ‘Shades of Gray’ book series!

  6. Rated H for Hot!

  7. Isn’t it something when one word brings you to life? Damn woman you inspire me.

  8. Hot, hot, hot…
    Oh, just coming darling….!
    Sorry girl; I have to leave now… Ummmmmmmm…… 🙂

  9. Oh my! I hear your words sizzling.

  10. hot,nice and wonderful,from beginning to end.

  11. Wow, passion at full speed. 🙂

  12. This is an interesting award and wanted to share it with you. Please follow the link

  13. nerthi on said:


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