My truth. My life.

A life beginning


Standing here watching my family surround me with their tears and well wishes, gave me hope.  Today was the first day of my future.  My plans were slowly but surely falling into place.  I hugged everyone goodbye and grabbed my bags.  With my diploma in hand, I set out to conquer the world.


This is done for 5 sentence fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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28 thoughts on “A life beginning

  1. That is a great beginning to conquering the world!

  2. I admire those that seek an education, I did not go to University (your college) and yes there are times when I have thought would it have changed my life. Go forth and conquer…I think you already have. 🙂

  3. It really is a new beginning. I think it will be our children who actually conquer the world.

  4. Lots of promise 🙂

  5. High hopes.
    The excitement of someone ready to conquer the world!

  6. Nice one Deana! 🙂 I love a good graduation.

  7. I really like all the writing challenges you do. You seem to have lots of fun doing them all. 🙂

  8. Love this! A toast to new beginnings…

  9. Good luck with your new beginning!Believe in you and I am sure you’ll do fine!

  10. A great read, Deana… I’m hoping for the best for this ‘fictitious’ character..! 🙂

  11. It’s nice to read an FSF where the entry isn’t composed of five run-on sentences where the writer tries to stuff too much into too little only to discover that it isn’t a very good fit as I sometimes find myself doing but oh well I get over it after a while and go write some haiku.

    Nicely done, and good luck with the conquest.


  12. giraffelover on said:

    Nicely written! Good luck! I just started university, and loving it!

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