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The best April Fools Day ever


Through out my life I have had many people try to play April fool’s jokes on me.  They tried, and they failed.  I never fall for them.  I am going to use this post to tell a story that will explain why…..


37 years ago there was a woman who would give everything she had for a baby.  Not just any baby.  She prayed for so long to have a blonde hair, blue-eyed, baby girl.  She was so excited when the doctor finally told her that her dream was coming true.

She told everyone and her family gathered around to help with excitement.  She spent the next 9 months preparing for that special day.  Cleaning, decorating the babies room, baby showers, doctors visits and more.  She already loved this baby more that she had ever loved anyone else.

The day was getting close and she had talked her husband into taking her to dinner at red lobster.  She hated seafood, yet she ate all of hers and her husbands.  That night she didn’t sleep well at all.

The next morning, April 1st, 1977, she woke up after her husband had already left to go to work.  She made it through the first few hours with just a little pain when she decided to call her mom and get advice on what to do next.  Her mom said “I’m not falling for that.  It’s April fools day.”  Her husband laughed it off as well.

Luckily for her, her doctor recommended she go to the hospital.  The phone calls to her mom and husband that she was on the way to the hospital were taken as jokes as well.  Finally, after she was admitted to the hospital, her husband finally showed up.  He had the good sense to listen to her pleading to meet her there.  Her mother and the rest of the family missed the birth of the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.

When the nurse asked what she wanted to name the baby she said “Deana O’Bryant”


To quote my mom “You can’t fool a fool, and since you are a April fools baby, you are a fool”  I sure do love my mom!

This April Fools Day I will be 36 years old.



This was done for the best April fools joke ever

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45 thoughts on “The best April Fools Day ever

  1. Lance on said:

    It is a funny story. When I first met you I didn’t believe that was your birthday, I thought you were messing with me. You were, but it’s also your birthday.

  2. Well that’s a scary joke!

  3. awww I loved this!! Can I wish you a Happy Birthday early?? I will forget, even though it is only a week away. May this next year be one filled with both joy and challenges to help you stretch and grow!!

  4. Excellent 🙂 I don’t think anyone can beat that. I’ll try to remember next week.

    • You should! I would love to read what you come up with.

      • I meant to wish you a happy birthday. Last year I got my daughter by telling her Justin Bieber tickets had come on sale and sold out

      • hehe, opps! That is something I would do to my daughter!

      • She was happy later in the year though when they did go on sale. I was on the internet for over an hour trying to get the tickets. Managed to get them which meant that I had to go too. Bleurgh. Then I had a reprieve. One of her friends had two tickets for One Direction. Between me and the girl’s mother, it was decided that I would give the girl my Bieber ticket, and she would give my daughter her One Direction ticket. So they went at the beginning of March to see JB and next week they go to see 1D. I don’t have to pay for her to get there either 😀

      • That’s even better! I love that Tay is old enough to take herself to see Taylor swift in April.

      • Now that’s someone I wouldn’t mind seeing … backstage … alone … 😆 Way too young for me. Think I am old enough to be her father hehe

  5. Sweet story. You’re my son’s. I’m. Bad with birthdays so I’ll wish you happy one today. Hugs.

  6. Love this story!
    I guess the joke was on everyone else huh? 😉
    Happy almost birthday!

  7. Oh dear 😦 I hope your mum has got over the fact that it wasn’t an AFD joke 😦 Pfft the day doesn’t matter and your explanation was grand, thank you for sharing it Bo..and hopefully I shall remember when the day arrives to tell you are no fool and wish you a Happy Birthday! xx

  8. My brother’s birthday is also April 1, he was about 2 weeks early. Our grandparents hung up on my dad when he called them to tell them about their new grandson.

  9. Now that is why I don’t take much notice of the April Fools day jokes… but if it came to a call to about illness and going to a hospital.. I would never be happy if someone made a joke of that… and just in case I forget (but you can remind us again) Happy Birthday for the first… may there be many many more.. 36 wow your still a youngster… and when I look at your photo you don’t look a day older than 20…

  10. Nice story and a happy birthday next week.

  11. Lovely story. Enjoy your birthday and have a great year.

  12. Love it… bet they don’t do April Fool in your family any more…..xx

  13. Oh my goodness! What a birthday story.

    Happy day (a little early).

  14. What a nice story. A very happy birthday in advance, Deana 🙂

  15. Aka Teraka on said:

    April/Aries is my month/zodiac too, but not the first. Guess I should have recognised the April/Aries spirit in you all along. 🙂

  16. Great story! My best friend’s birthday is April 2nd – her mom was disappointed she wasn’t born a day earlier. (Would have been fitting – she was the fifth child…an ‘oops’ baby :))

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