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I will find you




I found some old pictures in a box that my momma kept her closet.  She’d be mad at me if she knew I was in there.  I stayed away from anything that looked like it might be something I didn’t need to know about.  The box on the top shelf under the hat box that was tucked under the blankets practically fell on me when I opened the door. It wasn’t my fault that I had to open it.

The first picture I saw was momma, daddy, and two babies. That’s the day I started the search for my sister.



Done for Velvet Verbosity  100 word challenge



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31 thoughts on “I will find you

  1. practically fell on me when I opened the door… it rings so true. nicely done.

  2. A young ones curiosity will never be quelled at any price. Excellent Bo xx

  3. NIce! And almost has a spooky quality to it. The box throwing itself at her…sorta.

  4. I visualised this. So much information in a single paragraph.

  5. That was brilliant

  6. Sure, the box just fell on her … lol I was expecting something this time, getting familiar with how you love to surprise us, but I guessed wrong. Wasn’t expecting a sister. Amazing 97 words! All of your little shorts offer so many possibilities for expansion. If I wrote fiction, I’d be going NUTS!!! 🙂

  7. damonrallis on said:

    I loved this.

  8. whiteladyinthehood on said:


  9. Holy cow. This is a powerful punch in the gut, especially when coupled with that visual. WOW. Fantastic, Deana.

  10. I love this story, I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  11. oh, deana . . . you have to explore this! (HAVE to) 🙂

  12. This definitely would be a good beginning for a new story.

  13. Intriguing D… insert eyebrow arch.

  14. Excellent! I can’t imagine having a sister and not knowing about it!

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