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Follow your instinct pt 4


We finished up the day with paperwork and coffee.  The afternoon went by faster than I had expected. I decided to call it a day, grab some take out and cuddle up on my couch with a movie from the green box.  If traffic was decent I could make it home in 30 minutes.

“See you tomorrow, Chris”

“I’m headed out too, wanna grab some dinner?’

“No.  Thanks for the offer, but I hear my jim jams calling my name.”

“I can’t believe that you still call them that.  They are pajamas not jim jams.”

“You can blame your sister, she’s the one who got me calling them that.”

“Whatever you say, Shane.  Have a good evening.”

“You too.”

I was glad to see the Chinese place a block down from my loft was not crowded at all.  I could smell the cashew chicken as I walked in the door.  Bill, the guy register, saw me pull into the parking lot and had already called back my usual order.  I paid and made my way out without having to endure very much small talk.  I adore everyone who works there, but I just wasn’t in the mood.

There was no one at the green box, so I was able to grab the first love story I came across, slide in my credit card, jump in the car and get home.

When I walked in the door I felt myself instantly relax.  I realized I hadn’t thought about Mr. Blue Eyes in at least 1 hour. I smiled to myself and turned on the shower.  It didn’t take long to shower and get settled on the couch with dinner and a glass of wine.  Before I knew it I was waking up in the same position I had settled down in.  I took my dishes to the kitchen and decided to go to bed and wash them later.

I noticed the clock on my cable box was blinking like it does when the power goes off.  I walked over, jiggled the cord, realized I didn’t care that much and turned to walk into my bedroom.  As I walked by my front door I kicked something.  It was an envelope.  How did it get here? Was it here earlier? I bent down and picked it up then stopped.  It was as if someone slid it under my door.

For some reason I turned on my detective brain and grabbed a pair of gloves out of my bathroom.  Then I picked it up and opened it.  Inside I found a note and my credit card.  Suddenly it hit me that I had left my credit card in the green box.  Opening the note I read:

Silly girl,

Don’t you know it’s dangerous to leave your credit card lying around.  What would happen if a crazy person got a hold of it?

I thought you might want it back.  Looking forward to sharing that drink with you soon.

Thinking of you,




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17 thoughts on “Follow your instinct pt 4

  1. oh no… he’s following her. Keep this coming. 🙂

  2. stalker much?

    You said JIM JAMS! the kids will love you. Great chapter, very intense.

  3. Oh no!!! I’m sc’rrrrd 😯

  4. That sounds ominous!

  5. Skeevy-creepy, especially when the stalker signs off with, “Thinking of you.” SHIVERS! Well written! Amy

  6. Great’ve got me badly hooked to these 😀

  7. I am following this from my other blog …. but reading this chapter from here. lol
    I couldn’t wait to switch to mixedupmeme.

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