My truth. My life.

Waiting for a breath


My eyes close but they aren’t allowed to dream.

If they were to dream of happiness that would be deceit.

A dream about pain and anguish would

cause tears that I can no longer cry.


I’m not sure how much longer this mask

made of wax will continue to

hold a forced smile.  I can feel

it beginning to melt with despair.


How long must I be asked to wait, to ignore,

and to move past others indiscretions

before I can be allowed to be cleansed of them?

Daily promises of elation are made to me, and

daily promises are broken.


I will wait and endure this affliction

for as long as I can survive it.

I only ask this truth of you.

When I exhaust of waiting out this existence

will you write my story?


This was done for Visadare: Waiting

As I schedule this week’s VisDare, I am waiting for a lot of

Waiting for certain things in life to move on and leave me

Waiting for other things to come.

Waiting on
the mail,


promises to be fulfilled.

waiting for something.

What are you – or your characters – waiting


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31 thoughts on “Waiting for a breath

  1. Nicely done, Bo. Thought provoking.

  2. This is really wonderful D. And I love the end! I was not expecting your last sentence to be that at all! Great job! I love when a writer surprises me and I can’t fore see the end… Lovely piece… ((I want to play…)) ~Jen

  3. Lance on said:

    wow at the emotional heft and beautriful desciptions of horror inside. This is very relatable and thought provoking.

  4. Talking about my haunting line. What about the following line of yours. It relays the same message. This poem it has the same longing my essay has. Excellent work.

    I’m not sure how much longer this mask

    made of wax will continue to

    hold a forced smile.

  5. Beautiful my dear. And you know my characters, they are always waiting for love….

  6. “I will wait and endure” survive, thrive, it is all that we can do … I think that excerpted phrase summarizes everything you so beautifully said throughout this poem, despite all of those things in the past and the present and the not yet, I will wait and I will endure until … and there will be an until! 🙂

  7. This was powerful … beautifully expressed !!!

  8. Excellent Bo….the 2nd and last Stanza superb! I’m well simply waiting for a new job today after losing mine ..ho hum really.

  9. Well that was a poem with some stunning concepts….amazing and amazed…very well done!

  10. Deana, this was BRILL. Face a wax mask, had me tripping until the end, realizing your POV. You are smart not to include process notes before the piece… but rather, let the piece speak for itself and then explain, even question the reader.

    I’m waiting for guns to be melted into anything but weapons. “And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time,” as Bernie Taupin wrote. Peace, Amy

  11. That was a poem that resounded well. Very smoot rhythm.

  12. Sorry, I meant very smooth rhythm, flowed really well.

  13. The use of cleansing, and of a wax mask, make brilliant symbols in this poem. Very thought-provoking and incisive. Well done!

  14. There is a powerful poignancy to this, Deana

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