My truth. My life.

Truth comes out



“I can never go back there. Back to the house I was raised in”  I could feel my legs begin to buckle as I started to speak.  I had called this press conference today to rid myself of the untruths that had become my life.  I knew my life would be changing today.  At least I would be able to sleep at night again.

“Sorry to interrupt, Detective, why did you call this meeting?” The press was curious to know what was going on.

“No need to apologize Robert.  You will soon understand.”

“Thank you all for coming on such short notice.  I know you are all wondering why you are here so I will get started.  20 years ago I committed a murder.”  The reaction from the crowd surprised me.  They were silent.  No cameras flashing and no whispering, just silence.

I continued. “As you all know I was raised by a single mother.  She worked very hard to give us everything we needed.  There were times that she worked multiple jobs at once.  When her job required her to work late I would stay with my neighbors.  They were always glad to help.”

I paused.  Although the cameras were now flashing, no one spoke.

“One night I decided to sneak out and meet up with friends.  There was a bar down town that served alcohol to minors and we thought it would be fun.  We put on our heels and makeup and walked in. We ordered beers, and we got them.  As we were dancing we noticed a few ladies at the bar.  They were ladies of the night.  They had men hanging all over them.   It was a that time that we decided to leave before anyone got the wrong idea about us.  As I was walking out I heard one of the “ladies” call out for her tab.  I knew that voice.  I turned to see my mom draped all over an older man.  Scared, I got in my car and drove home.  I crawled in bed and cried.  An hour later I heard my mom come in.  She had brought him home!  I stayed quiet so that they wouldn’t know I was there.

I must had fallen asleep because the next thing I knew he was crawling on top of me.  I screamed, grabbed my bat and began hitting him, never stopping.  All of the anger I had felt earlier came rushing back.

Everything after that is a blur.  My mom took care of disposing of the mess.

I am sharing with you today because I’m being blackmailed.  Last night, someone left my brown shoes with his blood at my backdoor with a note saying to pay or they would talk.  I will not pay.  I am tired of living in fear.”

I stepped down off of the stage and walked into the police station without answering any questions.  It was time to pay my dues and begin to heal.


This was written for The Speakeasy


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37 thoughts on “Truth comes out

  1. My derar friend !I wish you a happy first day of spring

  2. I really enjoyed this post, great writing!

  3. I’m so glad she’s playing it straight. Nicely done, you had me gripped right to the end.

  4. The “twist” of this is how she plays it straight and it shocks everyone. Just once I’d like to see/hear/read of a character behving like this. I loved it.

  5. Laurie Kolp on said:

    Wow… this really surprised me, to see her mother and then have that happen. Glad she won’t have to live in fear anymore, though.

  6. This is great Deana! I love that your character is a woman and I love her integrity. Well done!

  7. Great tale. I hope she get the lowest possible penalty.

  8. How in the world did your mind get there? Awesome story! Coming clean from murder is a scary thing I imagine.

  9. I’m guessing it’s not wwalking those shoes were made for…
    Good piece!

  10. Great writing..loved the protagonist 🙂

  11. nataliedeyoung on said:

    Ooo, loved this! The shoes at the end? Nice touch. 🙂

  12. Great writing!Congrats!

  13. “20 years ago I committed a murder.” That’s what we call a conversation killer at my house. Good work Bo 🙂

  14. I love it!! Wish it was a book!

  15. I loved how you used the shoes at the end! Nicely done!

  16. Oh – what a story. She probably should have burned the shoes…

  17. Engrossing i was drawn into the story.

  18. iasoupmama on said:

    I love a character that can stand up straight — very cool!

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