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I have found out the hard way that most of the things I know, I have learned from experience.  You can’t teach life.  Although school was important for learning the fundamental’s (math, science, spelling), It didn’t teach me how to become the person I am today.

Mama Kat’s on Mama’s Losin’ It asked us to list 6 thing’s that never learned in school.  Here’s what I came up with.


1) How to be a mom:  I love my kids.  unfortunately, they did not come with an owners manual.  I am not sure why they don’t.  Children are not easy to raise.  They are cute, even when they are covered in mud.  They are sweet, even when they are yelling at you because they don’t get their way.  They are loved, even when they are slamming doors and rolling their eyes.


2)  How to dance.  If you have seen me dance, then you know that I have no rhythm.  It’s really, really bad.  Imagine the worst dancer you have ever seen.  Times is by 100 and you have me.  No, I will not you tube it.  It would make you cry.


3)  How to get rich so that I don’t have to work anymore.  I have tried really hard.  I work and work and work and work…. Still, no extra money.  Every time I get a little extra, well,  have you met my teenager?


4)  How to sleep without the fan noise.  I must have some kind of noise to sleep.  preferably my fan.  The louder the better.  It can’t be a t.v, or someone talking.  It has to be a constant sound.  That’s why I love my fan.  The other night our power went out, so my fan went off.  I promise I did not sleep a wink the whole time.


5) How to talk to animals.  I truly believe that my pets say mean things about me to each other.  When I wake them up or feed them 1 minute to late.  I see the look they give me and I am sure there are a few 4 letter words they are thinking.


6) How to read minds.  My husband and my girls don’t understand that I am not a mind reader.  How do you teach someone to ask for what they want instead of expecting it.  Wouldnt it be great if I had a crystal ball to carry around with me.  If I did, I could give everyone what they want before they know they need it.



This was done for Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It


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37 thoughts on “Teach me more

  1. #4. I’m a fan freak.

  2. Too funny, Deana…. I especially love the animals who talk to each other…
    But of course they do…. 🙂

  3. Based on these post you found your way to get rich. Teach the world all the above. 🙂

  4. Deana, this is absolutely awesome! I loved everything, and learned a lot about you as well. Visits here are so worthwhile and varied. I love your poetry, your sense of humor, the pics you find to accompany your posts … geesh I am practically gushing, but I am being sincere! I just do poetry … LOL blah blah blah 🙂 Keep it up.

    • You have started my morning off with a smile! Thank you so much. I feel the same about your words! Poetry is my favorite type of art and you do it extremely well!

  5. Life is definitely the greatest teacher.
    I got a kick out of the captions you have with the picture of your beautiful daughters & the one of just your teenager 🙂

  6. You are so right. 🙂
    Until now, I have yet to learn to be a better mother. Regarding number 6, we are on opposite sides. I am the one who complains why oh why my husband has not learn to read my mind after so many years of marriage. Clearly, there is something wrong with him! 😉

    Oh, by the way, the fan was also a constant in my life when I was in the Philippines. I could not sleep without it – but maybe, because it got so unbearably hot without it. the fan became our subsconscious defense against the heat (even when it was also blowing hot breeze). 😀

    • Come to think of it…. It would be nice if he could read my mind as well! He needs to get on that. lol.. I think I like the fan for the breeze and the noise. Im glad Im not alone!

  7. True that! Pets are always gossiping! Good one!

  8. Loved all of this and yes nice to have an insight into ‘Bo’ the person not Bo the writer – though you did write this… erm ok well yes I hate noisy fans but we have evaporative cooling so that doesn’t phase me now. Animals talking – they do! Kids taking all your $ – hmm I so relate and mine is 26! Dancing I want to see that youtube clip madam! Reading minds…we are mums – but yes possibly the only thing we CANNOT DO. How to be a mum – yep no manuals were handed out when they presented us with our little bundles of joy… but you are doing just fine..I know it 🙂 xx

  9. Great thoughts. What could you do see them as opportunities to ” grow” and not as challenges? How could you do this shift?


  10. This is a brilliant post.. really entertaining and now I know for sure that you are as mad as I am…x

  11. Thank you for passing by and the following.

  12. Lance on said:

    I think you’re a very good dancer.

  13. The reading minds thing I don’t get either. But, in my house, I think it’s better that way.

  14. I took child care in high school. Graduated after working with those sweet faced hellions, determined I would not have children. Now two daughters later, I am thinking, they didn’t tell me this in child care. lol. Great list!

  15. Love the pictures you posted. Just to set the record straight, every husband thinks his wife is a mindreader. Mine actually gets aggravated that I am not psychic.

  16. Can’t sleep without the fan too. These days the ‘quixotic’ power cuts in my country mean fan-less and sleep less nights are as constant as the Northern star.

    Your kids are cool. 🙂 But Lord save us from the teens 🙂

  17. #1 all the way! There is so much to learn in life and the most important tool of all which is the fact that life not easy and you must work for anyhting and everything is not emphasised enough.

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