My truth. My life.

Hope almost lost


I am broken.

Beaten and shattered.

Pushed to a limit that no one should

have to endure.


I pull my self up.

You push me back down.

Fighting is not easy.

I am an addict to your drug.


You have built an invisible wall

around me to keep me confined.

I try to shake it, tear it or break it.

You rebuild it as quickly as is crumbles.


A part of me wants to give up

and let you win.

You would continue to kill me

from the inside out.


One day,

my strength will triumph.


This was written for Velvet Verbosity

100 word challenge

The prompt word is : Shake



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29 thoughts on “Hope almost lost

  1. I like this, both in wording and the feel of it.

  2. oh, deana – the hardest to write are often the best. hugs

  3. I have felt this way – one, two, three too many times in my life. Things I cannot control. A hard place to be. With a strong love for self & with with help from those who love me – I’ve moved on. Still some pain. But – I’ve learned to move on…

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  5. Damn but you are good at this… loved it in every way…

  6. Ooooh, been there, done that…
    I won…. 🙂

  7. So sad .. so good

  8. I am an addict to your drug…. Spectacular piece Bo, you do this very well.

  9. Very nicely written Deana!

  10. An empowering poem even with her weakness for love.

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    • Thank you so much! I just read yours. Love it!

      • I attempt to credit inspiration 🙂

        I was thinking of two things, California and that movie where the gal is sick but only lets guys stay with her for one year…and then she disappears. While doing house chores I was watching one of the home redo shows called, Curb Appeal – shot in CA.

  12. This is a tough read, but strong and good.

  13. A departure from the Lance romance. 😉 Sadly powerful.

  14. Oh, I like the determination and the spirit in this poem. No, no, do not give up a good fight. 🙂

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