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1 year ago


Today it has been one year since you left us.

We still love you just as much.

We still miss you just as much.

We still need you just as much.

It is hard not seeing you.

I would give anything for one more day

of :

Reese’s peanut butter cups (I still don’t know why you kept them in the freezer)

Pepsi (I miss the endless supply of Pepsi)

Flannel Jackets (even in the summer)

I’m a lonely frog song (and that silly dance you did with it)

Burnt roast (and whatever the unrecognizable food you made with it when mom had surgery)

Very long answers (to yes or no questions)

Red Nissan truck (you taught me how to drive in)

Poppy’s girls shirt (one for each kid)

Little tan cooler (filled with Pepsi)

Family vacations (usually the beach)

All you can eat crab legs (that was a you and me thing)

There are so many other things that I will always remember.

The things I remember the most:

You chose me to be your daughter.


Your love for my children .

I’m sorry I wasnt there when you left.

I know when I get to where you are your’s will be

the first face I see.

The only question is…..

Will you have your beard back?

I love you dad.


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57 thoughts on “1 year ago

  1. Lance on said:

    I miss him too. That flannel shirt in my closet is there so I can open the door and see him, sort of. The kids and I will make a card for our gravesite visit later today. This was perfect.

  2. I am sorry. I lost my father as well. Will be three years in April. Would give you a big hug if I could.

  3. So sorry for your loss my love.. Such beautiful memories…xx

  4. Deana, I was thinking the other day that the anniversary was coming soon, I know we spoke of it about a month or so ago. This was just beautiful. It’s exactly what we remember, all the little things. All the special things. I’m sitting here crying as another little girl who misses her dad. hugs.

  5. A beautiful tribute. Well done!

  6. welcometograndcentral on said:

    Deana- this was perfectly beautiful. You have reminded me to cherish the time I have now with my dad, and to notice the details about him that I love.

  7. Katherine on said:

    Such a sweet tribute. I feel the same way about my grandmother and father … what I wouldn’t give for just ONE more hug, ONE more “I love you.” ONE more phone call … just ONE more anything. I know exactly how you are feeling. Big Hugs to you on this very meaningful day!! ❤ 🙂

  8. Ow, Deana. This is so beautiful. Your dad would be proud reading this. 🙂 You are indeed a wonderful daughter 🙂

  9. I knew this was coming (just as you know mine is due at the end of May), but it still didn’t make it any easier. Peace and love to you and yours Deana, and may today pass without a hitch.

    Take care.

  10. I remember when this happened and this is a lovely and fitting tribute. You never get over that loss, you simply find a way to get through it. May you take comfort in your memories. XO

  11. This was very beautiful…. *Hugs* 🙂

  12. I fortunately still have both of my parents with me. I don’t think I’m going to handle it well when they leave. Big hugs to you and your family today.

  13. Tous, nous avons des personnes très chères à nous et qui nous ont quittés pour toujours. Nous nous rappelons d’eux avec beaucoup de chagrin, d’amour et d’émotions.

  14. as long as we remember, they are never really gone …. you have such wonderful memories to hold on to and it was an absolute joy to share them through your words.

  15. Wonderful tribute. It’s hard. I know.

  16. Sweet baby, baby girl… I know this pain. You and I share this ‘hole’ this ‘missing’ this ‘aching’ for someone who we won’t ever get to see, until our time here is done. We have eachother to lean on. Remember that. I’m always a reach away D.
    ((hugs)) love you honey. ~ J

  17. This a beautiful touching poem/tribute to your dad. It is evident you were loved and it’s you loved back.

  18. Deana, sorry , sure this a tough day. I swear it get’s better with time. I read this a few minutes ago and it made me think of you today. All our best.

  19. Bo I read this on my phone last night but I couldn’t reply then. This is such a beautiful tribute and he is so proud of you, this is not an easy time for you or your family, but remember him with love as you are and know that …just perhaps he has read these words also and knows how you are feeling. xx

  20. Sorry for your loss Deana. Losing someone so close that we love is one of those things that we can only take one day at a time.
    A touching post in memory of your dad.
    May your angel continue to rest in peace. {Hugs}

  21. This is so beautiful. I teared up reading about your memories of him.

  22. Deana,
    You captured these feelings and shared them so sensitively. My Dad has been gone since 1988 and yet it feels like yesterday. My Mom is gone five years now, and feelings run just as deep though specific memories are unique to each. They were quite a couple and I miss the both.
    PS my dad taught me to drive on a stick shift blue Rambler…you just reminded me of that ordeal (wonderful memory)!

    • Its funny how the little things they did mean so much to us. Who would have thought that the reese peanut butter cups in the freezer would be etched forever in my head. Thank you for sharing your memories with me.

  23. The memories of my father are always comforting and his wisdom always guide me… Thank you for sharing your memories.

  24. That is a beautiful post and a beautiful tribute to a good man who was obviously much loved and who also loved you. 🙂

  25. Very touching, and I can certainly relate. I didn’t get to be there when my dad left this world, either. I will always regret it. Like you, I’m sure that my dad will be the first to greet me when I get to heaven.

  26. Aka Teraka on said:

    Beautiful in the memory going forward…

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. Your words show your deep love for him and how a great father he was.

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