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Follow your instinct pt 2

The next few hours did not go by as easily as I had hoped.  I tried to focus on work.  The problem was that the subject of my work, Mr. Blue Eyes, did not make it easy.  My partner, Chris, brought me up to date on the case, then I brought him up to date on what happened last night.

Our first stop was the bar to see what, if anything, we could dig up.  After a little begging and nicely explaining to him why he was going to help us the bartender finally agreed to pull his receipts from last night.  We made notes of the names, but that was about all we could do with those for now.  It’s funny how no one seemed to remember him.  I knew someone had to see him.  Those eyes are unforgettable.

“Shane, earth to Shane.”  I felt Chris take my arm and gently nudge me back to reality.

“Where did you go,  off to La La land?”  he joked.

“Yep!  I went to visit your family.” I joked back.  I couldn’t tell him that I had been imagining those eyes looking into mine.


This is the next part of my story: Follow your instinct

Find part 1 here  Follow your instinct part 1



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22 thoughts on “Follow your instinct pt 2

  1. Funny what she’s paying attention to that other will not. More please.

  2. This is such an interesting plot!

  3. I really want to read more, this is so interesting!

  4. I hope Shane doesn’t get lost in those eyes. More?

  5. Great continuation. More please.

  6. Nice piece. I can’t throw the feeling that she is being sarcastic about her questioning of the barman. Cops are usually a little more brutish I think.

  7. I thought I read this before. I remember the first part.

  8. Aw, this was too short…but I see you promised more later so it’s all good 🙂

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  10. Ok I’ve caught up now so give us part four…

  11. Oh no. The cuteness did not work for her the first night. It seems that the bad news about him did. Well done, Deana. 🙂

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