My truth. My life.

Use your eyes


Make love to me with your eyes.

Come and let me show you how its done.

Stand face to face and fix your gaze on me.


First I will remove my shirt.

Slowly then tossing it to the side.

Next I remove my pants.

As I slide them down I lean into your

heat and brush my mouth against you.

Now I am standing directly in front of you

daring you to look everywhere except my eyes.


As I reach back to unhook my bra

I press myself against you so that you can feel

my excitement.

As I stand back I can see yours.

I run my fingers underneath the hem of

my panties.

Your eyes are wide with joy as I watch them move

back and forth between my breast and my panty line.


Quietly I whisper

“Shall I remove them or would you like to”

You smile, grab my hips

and pull me onto you.

I love the way you fill me

with every part of you.


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26 thoughts on “Use your eyes

  1. Yup…that’s passion right there on the page folks… I dream to have her body btw 😉 Tantalising and titillating Bo. (if you shall pardon the pun)

  2. Putting passion in words is no easy task. Kudos.

  3. Very steamy, Deana. This would’ve been fantastic for Hotspur’s Romantic Monday post. 🙂

  4. Simply elegant and sexy. Well done!

  5. WOW! Good stuff! Fire – passion ! This moments in life where we feel in every cell of our body that we are alive and awake !

  6. My dose of erotica for the week.

  7. This is full of fire !!!

  8. Oh so good my dear.

  9. Obviously erotic and sensual, passionate and arousing, but you know what? It is so many other things as well, playful, honest, intimate, and universal … wonderfully written! I’ll be back to read more … after ummm a cold shower 🙂

  10. purple, love your comment 😉 !

  11. Filled with seat wiggling moments D! Looooved it.

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