My truth. My life.



“Despite the pounding in my head I managed to make it through the day without having a breakdown. “

“How long have you been having these headaches?”

“For about six years.”

“Is there an event you can trace it back to?”

“The first headache came right after our first fight.”

“When you say our, who do you mean?”

“My boyfriend.  We started fighting soon after we started dating.”

“What types of things do you fight about?”

“Just the normal stuff, you know,  trust issues.”

“Who doesn’t trust who?”

“The feeling is mutual.”

“Go on.”

“Well, he’s married to my husband’s sister.”


This is done for 100 word Challenge for Grownups


The prompt is another obvious one:

…despite the pounding in my head…

As usual you have 100 words to add to these 6 to produce a creative piece of writing. The link will stay open until 18th March.


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36 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. This is a headache & a heartache!

  2. Oh gosh, that was good. I really did laugh out loud.

  3. Lance on said:

    Bubba would never say that about me. She loves me more than you. Funny twist.

  4. 😆 😆 ❗ ❗ You have a warp sense of humor here. But very entertaining. 😀

  5. just your normal family dynamic. very cute.

  6. That’s truly one big headache.

  7. Oh dear – If I didn’t already have a migraine. I would have gotten one for sure with this situation…

  8. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Family Affair.’

  9. Oh wow! I was like..that would make an awesome book!

  10. Ahaaaaa…! That’ll do it every time…! 😉

  11. ooer woopsies! Sorry I laughed..I shouldn’t have laughed…but I did 🙂

  12. This was pretty intelligently weaved story. Loved the angle.

    do check and provide me some tips on a short story of mine.

  13. Very funny!!! 😀

  14. O Henry would be proud!! This had such an unexpected end and I always see things like this coming (at least in the movies) Very entertaining!

  15. Well, what does she expect really? I like the way you turned the piece around with that last line.

  16. OMG ummmm….this happens lol

  17. What a wild sense of humour 🙂

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