My truth. My life.

The mirror


I see you in there.

Unwilling to show others

what you show me.

Hiding inside from

fears of being rejected.

Afraid to love.

Your eyes are shaded with

a dull shimmer.

They yearn to be able

to shine and share their


Your voice in unheard by

all that long to hear it.


It’s time for my soul to heal

and for me to become the woman I am

meant to be.


This is done for Picture it & Write


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31 thoughts on “The mirror

  1. Splendidly beautiful…there are few pleasures greater than reveling in the love of being urself

  2. Bo beautifully done (psst left out a s’ in the last stanza It’s)? xx

  3. Very nicely written! 🙂

  4. Sometimes looking in the mirror can be like talking to another person..when it connects..both sides..we can indeed be..nicely done..and thanks for following

  5. This is a great piece.

  6. Gorgeous. What a great message.

  7. I love “dull shimmer”. I relate to that in so many ways. Beautiful piece, Bo.

  8. This touches the soul 🙂

  9. So amazing, love it!

  10. Yes, Ma’am!
    Own it, my sister!

  11. Interesting. I wonder if picturing other people as mirrors would help get over insecurity.

  12. a very moving thought..nicely done

  13. Healing will bring out her beauty. Nicely written, Deana. 🙂

  14. Ah yes – once she let’s go – she will be free!

  15. very well written.. i know a lot of readers can relate with this 🙂 quite lovely

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