My truth. My life.

It will come back

The smell was noticeable as I walked in the room.  The smell of burnt popcorn was a smell that stayed with you for a very long time.  I was a little concerned by the smell considering the house was supposed to be empty.

Ava, my daughter in law, called me this morning and asked if I could stop by the house to bring in the mail and water her plants.  She and my son, John, were both out-of-town for the week.  They both had business meetings on opposite sides of the state.

I rushed into the kitchen and grabbed to bag out of the microwave and threw it into the sink.  I hoped that maybe running some cold water over it might help.  As I reached to turn the water on I heard what sounded like two people giggling from the bedroom.  Grabbing a knife in one hand and my phone in the other I made my way to the door.

I grabbed the doorknob and quietly turned it. Held my breath and slammed it open.

“MOM! What are you doing here?”

“Me?!? What are you doing here? Who is she? Oh my.”

“I live here remember.  Just wait in the living room, Damn!”

I made my way to the couch and tried as hard as I could to erase that image from my mind.  Glancing at the remote beside me, I wished that life had a rewind button.  I was lost and confused. What was Ava going to say?  I felt my heart beat faster and faster as I waited for my son to come out.  The next 2 minutes of waiting seemed to last about an hour.

They finally made their way out of the room and the woman whom I had never seen before today walked quickly out of the door.

“Mom, that was really uncool!”  He had the nerve to yell to me.

“You are cheating on your wife, and I am uncool?” I yelled back at him.

“Dont just sit there and act like you’re better than me mom.  I know dad was married to another woman when you met him.” I never expected my boys to find out about that.  I felt the tears swell up in my eyes and the lump in the back of my throat grew so quickly that I could hardly breathe.

“How do you know that?”

“Not only do I know that, I see you.  I see you flirt with every guy that you think looks at you.”

“You can’t blame your screwing around on me.  Do what you want.  I’m going home.”

“Mom, are you going to tell Ava?”

“No son, That’s on you.”

I slammed the door behind me and somehow made my way to my car.  Although I was extremely mad at him, I was even more mad at myself.  What kind of mother have I been?  What kind of role model have I been?  I had bent over backwards making sure that my boys had everything they had wanted and needed.  I raised them right.  I never expected my past to jump up and bite me in the butt.  Not this way, not now.


This is done for the Speakeasy


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54 thoughts on “It will come back

  1. Lance on said:

    For fiction, it’s very real. Great job with the dialogue.

  2. Oh dear…so much to repair….a thought-provoking scene to say the leas – not because I am cheating, but just what children notice hold, harbour, then let spill. Very good.

  3. I’m going to go with “whoah” (the good kind) as well!

  4. “Glancing at the remote beside me, I wished that life had a rewind button.” <–I love this line! I can't imagine being in the mom's situation. I would definitely want to unsee what I saw, too. Great conflict here, Deana.

  5. Ouch, how painful. I loved your use of the photo prompt!

  6. Great take on the prompts Deana! Love the way you’ve written your character and her internal torment. And I love her parting line to her son. “No son, that’s on you.” She says so much with those five words. Well done!

  7. Yes, the use of the remote to conjure up the desire to “rewind” life is genius. And, you really had me creeped out at first when popcorn was cooking in an “empty” house. Eek.

  8. good one! Secrets always come out. Nicely written!

  9. Great stuff, and I love how much of a feel you gave us for the characters in such a short piece.
    Not sure why the mother is trying to make it all about her though… (Not so sure i like her, but definitely an effective character.)

  10. Wow…we need to know more about these folks, and what happens next! And hopefully this son is not Ken from my story (sorry…it was the popcorn reference…) because he is a piece of work for sure!

  11. No one has the right to blame others fr own misconduct :/

  12. Engaging read. My heart goes to the mother.

  13. Oh my, how fraught with tension! How uncomfortable a situation!

  14. debseeman on said:

    Jerks. Both of them. You did a good job making me dislike both of them for different reasons.

  15. How awkward and tense for all of them!

    “No son, That’s on you.” – There’s so much power in that line!

  16. That was a very complex interaction that wreaked with tangled-web reality. Nicely put together.

  17. I past sure does come back to bite us in the Ass. Good story as always.

  18. iasoupmama on said:

    Ugh… bad situation all around. I feel for his wife…

  19. Ooooh, this makes me uncomfortable just reading it!! Yuck! In other words: well done 🙂

  20. really very sad..very good story with a moral value…

  21. So poignant and well written, Deana.

  22. Nicely written, very powerful!

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