My truth. My life.

When the moment fails


For just one moment

I imagined that you loved me

I imagined that you took our promises to heart

I imagined that were serious about spending our lives together


For just on moment

I thought you weren’t the kind of man to walk away

I thought that family was the most important part of your life

I thought that I could trust you to fulfill your commitment as the man of the house.


For just one moment

Your kiss made me weak at the knees

Your love made me feel beautiful and wanted

Your forever was joined together with my forever


For just one moment

You were mine.


This was done for Sunday Scribblings

The word is moment



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23 thoughts on “When the moment fails

  1. Nice one Deana! Heartbreaking

  2. Lance on said:

    Lovely words and such a romantic moment. Your boyfriend will dig this one.

  3. A moment to remember by 🙂

  4. A little sad but a great one!

  5. There are, sometimes, only certain moments available, and when they are gone, that’s it…well done!

  6. Beautiful, and so well written…

  7. Oh, I want to cry..!
    Heartbreaking and beautiful, Deana..

  8. I imagine this is how my mother felt when her marriage to my dad failed. Very poignant, and heartbreaking.

  9. I think we can learn from a little heartbreak and recognise true and lasting love when it does come along.

  10. Very powerful and a great take on the prompt.

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