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Red Lipstick


My Grandma always told me that I was the prettiest girl she’d ever laid eyes on.  She’d say “Darlin,  The good lord din’t bless us wit no money.  I reckon that’s why he done blessed you’ns with so much good looks.  You’ns gotta use them looks to getcha some a them dreams people talk about.”

I grew up in a farm town a little north of Atlanta.  Money didn’t really matter to me.  I guess I always assumed that I would stay here and start a family.

Things changed the day Henry moved here.  That was the day I bought my first tube of lipstick.


This is for Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock


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39 thoughts on “Red Lipstick

  1. A nice start to.something more!

  2. HI
    I’ve awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award
    You can go here for the rules.

  3. I am donning red lipstick in honor of her today. Great writing… this is a story I would devour and wish there was till more to discover.

  4. Oh My Grandma might have had a fit over red lipstick.. lol sweet story..

  5. Lance on said:

    This could be memoir for you, really. I like the style and how you stayed true to the voice.

  6. and so she began, from the words of her dear grandmother….to be continued?

  7. That was darling and so real…loved it !!! 🙂

  8. It is a story that could almost be a teaser for a film good start lol

  9. A gorgeous story that ring ‘so true’… Well done, Deana; I loved this.. 🙂

  10. Oh Henry… you don’t stand a chance.

  11. A small town a young boy named Henry and a good lookin’ woman – spells …look out Henry 🙂 Well done and loved the ‘voice’.

  12. Oh, I really like this. It’s the beginning of a very good story.

  13. Very nice! I always like it when a story suggests that it’s just the start of a larger one.

  14. Very well done! The lipstick thing never did catch on with me, though. I can still hear my mother saying, “Put on a little lipstick.”

  15. Hey D.. (Stupid question, I’m sure, but how did you get your shine on award on your side bar? I can’t locate the code to put it in a text box. Do you know what it is? ) Help me plz!!

    And, I love this piece! I want to read more!! The title is great!! ~Jen

  16. Hope Henry made her dreams come true…

  17. Uh oh. It sounds like Henry is stirring things up!

    Loved this little story.

    What a fun and different use of this prompt!

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